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Social Posting Configuration

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In Profile, go to Social Posting. Once there, type in the url for the social media account you would like to connect to DASH. Click the Login Button below. Follow the steps in the popup window to finalize the connection to the DASH Connector app.

Step 1: Click on the social media icon for the type of account you want to set up

Step 2: Type in the complete URL for the social media page on that social media platform

Step 3: For Facebook press the login button (Complete the steps in the pop up window)

For LinkedIn press the Generate Security Token Button

For Twitter press the Grant permissions button

Step 4: Click the update posting button (Big green button) for that social account.

Page will reload

Step 5: Continue setting up additional accounts


A “Facebook Page” is different from a “Personal Facebook Account” or “Facebook Group”. You must connect to a “Facebook Page”.

A “Facebook Page” is considered as “Facebook Business Page” while a “Personal Facebook Account” is the one you probably use every day, the one you use to connect or chat with friends.

Once you have connected all of your social media accounts click the Schedule Post button.

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